Friday, May 22

Dream Office

I really like this setting for an office. Specially the frames on the wall and the industrial desk.

I heart Anne Faith Nicholls

I can't get enough of this artist! She inspires me so much. She tells such a great story with her paintings. Its fairytale-like but then with a realistic twist.

Tuesday, May 5

Su Blackwell

My sweet sister Alicia came with this site:
Su Blackwell makes great book-cut sculptures. And she explanes all this in such a lovely way;
'Paper has been used for communication since its invention; either between humans or in an attempt to communicate with the spirit world. I employ this delicate, accessible medium and use irreversible, destructive processes to reflect on the precariousness of the world we inhabit and the fragility of our life, dreams and ambitions.'
'The landscape have been trapped inside the book all this time and are now suddenly released.'
Don't you love this? It's so dreamy and fairylike
Thanks sis!