Sunday, July 26

Happy sunday!

Good morning! I slept so enormously deep last night. It's always such a joy to wakeup and seeing its a great and sunny sunday. I made some breakfast for co and myself. And while i'm posting this mail, he's taking a little nap on the sofa. Sooo sweet!
I found this image on Gennine's art blog! I love her idea of displaying your precious pieces of art. And this way you can change it as much as you like.

Wednesday, July 22

Wednesday, July 15


I'm really into this honeycomb print! I would like something like this on my bed as a plaid.
I found it via the shopsite:


For some reason i'm attracted to these pictures. And it's so funny because all walls in it are white! Not my usual cup of tea, but it's so calming...

4 things i love

1. original birthcards 2. collage of plates
3.this picture
4. number coasters

Tuesday, July 7

happy sunny dreamy hippy

Zoooo! (like in; that's it, i did it!)
I have finished some stupid shores like finishing the paint in the bedroom and give my brown chocolate walls in my livingroom a last paintjob.
Now it looks fresh and clean and that gives me a very happy feeling! It's almost like i'm relieved.
Let's say, i decided to change my routines and to do everything at ones. Not postpone it till another day. (or month)
Becauces eventually you end up with a awkward feeling in your tummy because of the piled up stuff you have to do? Do you know that feeling?
I found these great pictures. Inspiring to collect some accessories!
Have a great Day!

Friday, July 3

White bird , feather, cage

I'm really diggin' these 3 art pieces! They remind me of my blogname. I was just looking on the internet for white birds, when i found it. I had a new idea in mind. Wouldn't it be great to have 2 precious white birds in my apartment? I can just imagin them flying through the house. And then putting them in a white cage. :( I'm still questioning if its not to distressing for the birds.. I will keep you posted on that one...


The last couple of days at work, were busy and stressy.... It was hard to say goodbye to my 19 sweet childeren... But, it's HOLIDAY now and the creativity is suddenly all coming back! I'm planning to do my bedroom witch i haven't been able to finish for a very long time. And i want to make lots of pictures from my home, like it is at the moment. I'm now leaving home to buy some pots for my new plants i bought yesterday! See you later!