Tuesday, January 27


It may sound a bit impatient but, when is the winter coming to an end?? Every season has its beautiful and special features and i have no problem to sentimentalize that from time to time.. But sometimes you just want that thing you just haven't got... like summer! Or at least spring. Everything becomes a bit boring after a while. You've seen the rain, the snow, the bald trees, the dark mornings, the dark evenings etc. And now i feel a bit gloomy.... So i need a thought that makes me feel happy again! And then i came up with the idea to make a list of things that make me happy. So here it is:
  • Kisses from my love
  • Great food
  • Beautiful art
  • A day shopping with my sister
  • My blanket
  • A holiday to a new favorite place, like Rome
  • Cuddling with my mom, dad, sis and love
  • Chocolate icecream
  • New, fresh magazines
  • A clean home
  • A glass of ice cold water
  • A new haircut
  • Every day to begin with yoghurt and cereals
  • An interesting and profound dialogue with a friend
  • Apples
  • A soft and smooth skin
  • Great interior pictures
  • Finding a new passion for a color
I can't stop.... much more later on. Here is a picture of my kabinet. Finding new objects for it makes me happy too!!!!

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