Sunday, February 22

Muted colors

Okay, i know i'm so incredible indecisive. But finally my boyfriend and i found a color for the bedroom. Don't you love these muted colors? Specially the mix of the mint-green, the grey and the dark-red with wood in the left picture. And as you can see, the cooker is black so, it may sound stupid but now i know that my sleepingbed will blend in just fine.. So i'm gonna paint my walls mint-green. (Absinthe or lichen from Flamant) I leave the bed black, my wooden floor is almost the same color as in the picture so thats okay and then i have to use some accessories to add grey and drak-red. My boyfriend is into surfing so we are gonna place an old surfingboard in the corner of the bedroom and hang a white musquito for a more coastal feeling. If i'm ready i will show you the results!

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